About me

Hello, I’m Jeremiah.

I'm a software engineer currently employed full-time at Evident, and I do some part-time open source work for RACTF where I help run wargame and CTF events. Some of my previous work has been at a digital agency called Giant Digital, through which I've been able to do work for Make-A-Wish and the Mines Advisory Group.

You can find my publicly-auditable identity here.

If you’d like to send me an encrypted message, my PGP key can also be found at /pgp:

curl -L | gpg --import

…and if you need to add my SSH key to a box somewhere, that’s at /ssh.

curl -L >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

My personal projects can be found over on my Github page at, and I have a page listing the software and hardware I like to use at /uses.

Here are some of the albums I'm listening to right now:

Contact me

My email is [email protected], and you can find me on Discord as jerbob#0001.